I am supported by a community of friends, family, and fellow climbers on every route I take.


Those who support me.


The North Face is committed to helping its athletes push the limits of what is possible in their sport. They’re a company I’m proud to represent.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Scarpa’s identity as we share a deep respect for the outdoors. Their Green Manifesto outlines a golden example of what a sustainable company can look like.

In addition to making conservation a top priority, Petzl puts safety and quality at the top of its values, and has been supporting me for more than five years. They are a true leader in climbing and rope-access equipment manufacturing.


The Honnold Foundation is doing great work making renewable solar energy available to marginalized communities and beyond. They believe that all people on earth should live in balance with nature and have access to equal opportunity.

Climbing for Change is working to make indoor and outdoor climbing accessible to more people in minority and marginalized communities. This sport has done so much for me; we agree that more individuals should get a chance to experience and excel in the sport.

Access Fund is a group of environmentally conscious climbers who are working to preserve our natural climbing routes for generations to come. The outdoors is not just a gym; it’s our shared home that we must take care of for others to enjoy after us.

Salt Lake Climbers Alliance (SLCA) is the recognized voice of the climbing community within the Wasatch mountain range. The SLCA recognizes that climbing is a beautiful sport that can truly enrich the lives of individuals. They take it upon themselves to make sure climbing in the region is done sustainably, afely, and is available to all.

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