I live for the feeling of peace only found through movement; it’s when I feel the most in tune.

Nathaniel Coleman is an Olympic silver medalist in climbing and a four-time U.S. national bouldering champion, climbing out of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Known for his unmatched composure and mental fortitude, Nathaniel tackles every problem with calculated confidence and control that has quickly brought him to the top of the competitive bouldering community.

Although a competitor at heart, Nathaniel deepens his love of the sport through climbing around the world, from breathtaking Swiss and South African summits to the great granite walls of Little Cottonwood Canyon in his native state.  His intimate connection with these natural climbing marvels inspires his passion for sustainability in the sport. Advocating for what he describes as his set of climbing ethics, Nathaniel calls for the conservation of majestic sites such as these to ensure the same climbing experience for generations to come.


Olympic Silver Medalist in Climbing


US Bouldering National Champion

First Ascent, The Grand Illusion, Little
Cottonwood Canyon, UT (V16)


Qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

US Bouldering Season Champion Overall


US Bouldering National Champion


US Bouldering National Champion


US Bouldering National Champion


2x Bouldering World Cup Silver medalist

4th Place Bouldering World Cup Overall

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